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A text editor with code management options
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What's new

v24.2 [4 Sep 2017]
- Folded code highlighting
-Dramatic performance improvements for Find
-Dramatic performance improvements for hidden lines
-Tab-delimited sort
-Syntax highlighting improvements
- Display improvements

v21.3 [27 Sep 2014]
FTP/SFTP features
- Enable Keep Alive
- Enable IPv6
Find in Files improvements
- Stunning performance increase when writing to output window
Code folding improvements
- Code folding guide now draws with many nested folds/unfolds
Over 80 improvements.

v21.1 [14 Apr 2014]
- Dockable Find and Replace dialog
- Includes Find, Replace, Find in Files and Replace in Files
- Themed dialogs for a more unified look and feel
- Cut/Copy/Paste support for multiple carets/selections
- Themed FTP Open, Save, and Accounts dialogs
- New "Glitch" editor theme
- Improved shebang detection for syntax highlighting
- Various other minor enhancements and improvements

v20.0 [6 Sep 2013]
1. Editor themes
- Themes are an exciting new feature not because of what they can do but because of what you can do! Themes give you complete control of the appearance of the application, from menus to dockable panes, from toolbars and editor colors to status bar styling.
2. Environments Are Now "Layouts"; Easier to Use
- For years, UltraEdit has supported multiple layout and profile configurations under the umbrella of "Environments". In v20.00, we've renamed this feature to "Layouts" and simplified and streamlined it by providing only 3 default configurations with more descriptive names.
3. CSS Color Tooltips
- Preview your CSS and HTML colors by simply hovering over the color definition in your source code! Move your cursor on top of a CSS color in your HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or other web file, and UltraEdit will show a small tooltip containing the defined color.
4. Improved: Quantum leap in file handling and large file performance
- You'll be amazed at v20.00's blazing fast file handling with smoother scrolling and instantaneous navigation - even from one end of a large file to the other - in files from 100's of MB to 10 GB in size! Many large file edit operations such as selection, cut, copy, paste, etc., now complete in far less time than that of previous versions. You can also now monitor UltraEdit's progress loading and parsing large files in real time with the new parsing percentage indicator in the status bar.
5. Improved: Greatly expanded Artistic Style support
- Never worry about manually reformatting or tidying your source code with the integrated Artistic Style feature. Version 20.00 includes expanded A-Style functionality with full support for the latest version of A-Style and the ability to include your own configuration files.

v19.0 [8 Mar 2013]
1. Significant performance gains in several areas
--Reloading of files on startup
--Loading/opening large numbers of files (with temp files)
--Loading very large files
--Switching between file tabs
--Perl regular expressions
--Undo in larger files
2. Copy/Paste syntax highlighting in RTF and HTML
--Available under Edit -> Copy Special
--Paste text with HTML/CSS markup to render highlighting within a browser
--Paste syntax colored text into other RTF editors (like MS Word)
3. Automatic highlighting of file types without extension
--Perl via shebang
--PHP via shebang
--Python via shebang
--XML via declaration
4. Status bar
--Encoding selector
--Changes encoding used to view active file
--Will not change file's original encoding
--Syntax highlighting selector
--Read-only toggle
--Insert/Overstrike toggle
--Separate areas for line terminator and file encoding properties
--Better display
5. Perl regular expression overhaul
--Searching in large files
--Find In Files
--Several Perl regexp issues addressed
--Full support for negative look-ahead/look-behind searches
6. File tab drag-and-drop improvements
--Drag file tab outside of UltraEdit to open it in new instance
--File settings retained when dragging and dropping between instances
--Modernized icons
--Optionally show hidden files
--Option to add close X to each file tab
--Improved support for 'Maintain separate process for each file opened from external applications
--Various other minor enhancements and improvements

v14.0 [2 Mar 2008]
Environment Selector, Import/Export Environments, File Encryption/Decryption, Enhanced Find/Replace dialogs, WebSearch Toolbar

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