UltraEdit is a professional text editor for Windows OS
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UltraEdit is a versatile text editor. It is mainly intended for programmers as it is perfectly suited for writing code in C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, and Perl. However, it can also be used for simple tasks as creating text, batch and document files. The application has a nice interface, yet it might be difficult to use at first and it could probably take you some time before you can use it fluently. Fortunately, it is properly documented and even comes with a Quick Start guide. In addition, the program’s interface can be configured to use different layouts according to the specific task.

Compared with other standard text editors, UltraEdit has multiple advantages. First, besides supporting various file types, such as TXT, DOC, INI, CPP, HPP, HTML and JAVA, it can manage large files (beyond 4GB) thanks to its support of 64bit files even in a 32bit environment. It also allows code folding, a handy feature for programmers. You can also use this application to edit files stored on FTP servers because it has an integrated FTP client. If you are an advanced user, you can automate frequent tasks by writing your own scripts. Moreover, you can convert files between supported formats or encrypt them for proper protection. Finally, it also supports other editing features, including spelling correction, columns and special characters.

To sum up, UltraEdit is without a doubt a very powerful text editor. In fact, its list of supported features includes many more than those mentioned in this review. Therefore, it is definitely an application that deserves a try.

Juan Perez
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Review summary


  • It supports various formats.
  • It is well documented.
  • It allows automating tasks by scripts.
  • It can manage large files.
  • It helps writing code in various programming languages.
  • It has an integrated FTP client.


  • At first, it is more difficult to use than other text editors.
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